Ask The Umpire Rule Nine

This section contains questions pertaining to MLB Rule Nine – The Umpire. It is designed as a self-test to challenge your knowledge. Answers and rulings are given at the end.

1.  Pinch runner S1 is reported by his coach to the home plate umpire. The umpire notices the substitute has a hard cast on his arm

    A.  the player cannot participate under any circumstances

    B.  it is okay if he is just a pinch runner

    C.  instruct the coach that the substitute must have the cast legally padded to be eligible to participate

    D.  that is not covered by rule, so the umpire’s decision on the legality of the cast is final

2.  Before each game the plate umpire must check the following

    A.  all batting helmets for cracks

    B.  all bats for conformance to specifications

    C.  all bats for flat spots

    D.  all of the above

    E.  none of the above

3.  Jones enters to pitch in the fifth inning and completes the game. After striking out the last batter, Jones tells the plate umpire what he thinks of the umpire’s strike zone and is ejected

    A.  Jones is suspended for the next game

    B.  Jones is suspended for the next four games

    C.  the game is over, therefore Jones can’t be ejected

    D.  any suspension depends on league or state association policy

4.  After a beaning incident, both dugouts empty and converge on the mound for a prolonged shouting and shoving match. All personnel that left their position to participate in the fight must be

    A.  given a warning

    B.  ejected

    C.  suspended for one game

    D.  suspended for two games

    E.  suspended for three games

    F.  suspensions are a league or state association option

5.  The umpire’s jurisdiction ends when

    A.  the last out is made

    B.  all fielders leave fair territory after the last out is made

    C.  all umpires leave the confines of the field after the last out is made

    D.  the official scorer verifies the final score

6.  Bases empty, 2-2 count. F1’s pitch is over the catcher’s head and bouncing around near the backstop. B1 checks his swing but his coach in the first base box yells “run! run!”. B1 gets to first. The plate umpire says “no, you didn’t go. Come back.” The offensive coach turns to the base umpire, “I appeal, he went”

    A.  legal appeal. Base umpire must render decision

    B.  not a legal appeal. B1 has to resume his at-bat

    C.  only the catcher or manager can ask for help on a half swing

    D.  none of the above

7.  Deciding when a game shall be forfeited is the duty of

    A.  the plate umpire

    B.  the field umpire

    C.  either umpire

    D.  both umpires

8.  Who announces if a special time limit has been set

    A.  either umpire

    B.  the umpire-in-chief

    C.  the field umpire

    D.  both umpires

9.  Only the umpire-in-chief can eject players, coaches, managers or substitutes

    A.  true

    B.  false

10.  Two-man umpiring crew working the game and on a play at third base there are different decisions made on one play

    A.  the umpire-in-chief’s call will prevail

    B.  the umpire closest to third base, his call will prevail

    C.  the umpires shall consult and the umpire-in-chief shall determine which decision shall prevail

    D.  the umpires shall consult and whoever has the most years of service, his call shall prevail

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