Ask The Umpire Rule Three

This section contains questions pertaining to MLB Rule Three – Game Preliminaries. It is designed as a self-test to challenge your knowledge.

1.  Jones, a starter, is removed from the game for Smith. Two innings later the head coach approaches the umpire between innings and says Jones will bat for Smith. Jones is in the batter’s box when the opposing head coach approaches the umpire and appeals the substitution

    A.  legal substitution

    B.  Jones is out

    C.  Smith can come up to the plate since the discovery was made before the first pitch

    D.  Jones is ejected

    E.  Smith has been removed but the offense can replace Jones with a legal substitute

2.  Smith is scheduled to bat third for the offensive team in the top of the sixth inning. On his way from the first-base dugout to the third-base coaching box, the coach reports that Jones will hit for Smith. When it is time for the third batter to hit, Smith enters the box. Smith was a starter and had played the entire game to that point

    A.  Smith is legal

    B.  Smith is illegal

    C.  Jones may enter the game later

    D.  Jones is done for the game

    E.  Smith has used his re-entry privilege for the game 

3.  After the first game ends, who is responsible for determining if the second game of a doubleheader should be delayed or postponed before it starts?

    A.  the coach of the home team (includes game management)

    B.  the coach of the visiting team

    C.  the plate umpire from game one

    D.  the plate umpire for game two

    E.  the umpires shall work together

    F.  the umpire crew chief, regardless of which position he is working on the field

    G.  the umpires and coaches should work together to arrive at the best decision

4.  The home team’s lineup card shows Johnson as the first baseman and Smith listed among the substitutes. However, when the game begins, Smith is playing first base. In the bottom of the seventh inning, Smith is thrown out of the game for excessively arguing a called third strike. Following the argument, the home team’s coach informs the umpire that Johnson will be the new first baseman

    A.  legal. Johnson was never in the game

    B.  legal. Since Johnson was in the starting lineup he may re-enter one time

    C.  illegal

5.  At the pregame conference, the home coach declares that an area on the home plate side of the first-base dugout is chalked off as a dead ball area for equipment storage

    A.  allowed

    B.  not allowed as dugout extensions must be on the outfield side of the dugout

    C.  a coach may stand in the area

    D.  permissible if done for both the first- and third-base dugouts

6.  In a game in which the DH is not used, Bubba pinch hits for B8 in the bottom of the second, but does not take the field in the top of the third.  In the fifth inning Bubba comes to bat again in the same spot in the order

    A.  legal play

    B.  if Bubba is discovered before completing his at bat, he can be replaced by the proper batter

    C.  Bubba is out when discovered while at bat

    D.  if Bubba hits safely and is discovered after the first pitch to the next batter, Bubba is not out but must be replaced immediately

    E.  if Bubba hits safely and is discovered after the first pitch to the next batter, Bubba is out

7.  In the top of the first the visiting coach wants to pinch hit for his starting pitcher (who has not yet faced a batter)

    A.  he may provided the starting pitcher re-enters in the bottom of the first

    B.  he may provided the pitcher is also the DH

    C.  he may not

8.  With a runner on second and no one out, B1 hits a fly ball to centerfield. R2 tags and advances to third. F8’s throw skips past F5 and hits the third-base coach, who attempts to avoid the ball. The ball deflects off the coach’s leg and goes into the stands

    A.  the play stands

    B.  the play stands only if the coach was in his box

    C.  R2 is out

    D.  R2 must return to second

    E. R2 is awarded third

    F.  R2 is awarded home

9.  B1 hits a fair ball down the right field line. A spectator believing it is a foul ball, picks it up

    A.  the ball is delayed dead

    B.  the ball is immediately dead

    C.  B1 must be awarded two bases from the time of the pitch

    D.  B1 must be awarded two bases from the time of the interference 

10.  Green enters the game to pitch to B4 with the bases loaded and one out. Before throwing a pitch, he picks off R2. Excluding an injury, Green:

    A.  may be replaced immediately

    B.  must remain in the game until another out is made

    C.  must remain in the game until B4’s at bat is completed

    D.  must pitch until the inning is over

    E.  none of the above

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