Lost in the Lights

 Denny and I worked an Adult League game in Hagerstown, MD. I worked the plate, he worked the bases. I lost a long foul ball in the lights. I saw it hit the wall about 12′ to the foul side of the foul pole. I called it “FOUL”! The manager argued that it went out fair. I did not see it. I had to call it foul based on my judgment. I asked Denny but he was not in position to see it as he was outside the first base line when the ball was hit and watching the runner touch the base. I told the manager I did not see it go out fair. I asked the left fielder between innings because I knew him. He told me the ball did in fact go out fair. All I saw was a foul ball and made my decision based on that. The manager accepted my explanation. However, the batter told me the next season that he lost the Home Run Crown because of the call. He tied with someone else. He was the catcher and we talked before the game. He was a good sport and understood that I did not see it and based my call on what I saw. If you don’t see it, make a judgment on what you did see.

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