Game Management Principles Two

In Game Management Principles Two we discuss “Play Anticipation” and what play anticipation allows.

Play anticipation allows:

  • The umpire getting into proper position.
  • Allows the umpire to focus on elements pertinent to the call.
  • Remember, surprise reduces the chance of getting the play correct.

Watch for these surprises:

  • Dropped ball on an infield fly
  • There could be confusion
  • Base runners may decide they do not need to run and the fielders may panic, thinking they need to get the ball quickly and make a hurried throw

Infield Fly:

  • Umpires must remember that the ball remains live
  • The batter is automatically out and there are no runners forced to a base
  • Runners need to know that they need not run
  • Runners may advance at their own risk
  • If there is a play on a runner, it will be counted

Base Runner passes another:

  • If a runner passes another runner that was not obstructed on the bases
  • The runner who passes is out
  • Umpires should let the play continue
  • The baseball remains live
  • The out is immediate
  • An obstructed runner that is passed is ignored
  • The play continues
  • Play is sorted out when the obstruction award is made by the umpire

What if a base coach comes in contact with the ball or a runner? There are three different situations that a base coach can interfere!

Thrown ball:

  • If contact is intentional, the runner is out
  • If contact is not intentional, the ball is live and in play
  • Whether he is in the coach’s box or not does not matter
  • If contact is in fair territory, it is considered intentional

Contact with a fielder:

  • Coaches must avoid fielder in the act of fielding, a batter or thrown ball
  • Interference in fair territory is considered intentional
  • With multiple runners the umpire shall call out the runner that benefited the most from the interference, most likely the lead runner

 Physically assisting runners:

  • The runner is out if a base coach physically assists a runner in returning to or leaving a base
  • The ball remains live until playing action ends (delayed dead ball)
  • Advancing runners will be allowed
  • Physical assistance means doing something to improve the chance of attaining his goal
  • Touching alone is not physical assistance
  • If touching or collision outside the coach’s box is not interference


  • Offensive teams may not say anything to confuse the members of the defense
  • If I rule verbal interference, the baseball is dead immediately

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