Game Management Principles Three

In Game Management Principles Three we discuss batting out of order and handling coaches.

Batting Out of Order:

  • Batting out of order must be appealed by the defense. That is the only time an offensive team can be penalized

The Appeal is Made While the Batter is still at the Plate:

  • The proper batter must be brought to the plate.
  • The proper batter assumes the count from the improper batter
  • At this point there is no further penalty

When Appeal is made after Improper Batter has finished the At-Bat, before a Pitch is made to the Next Batter:

  • Advancing runner advances are not attributed to the batter’s action (wild pitch, passed ball, stolen base or balk) stand
  • Runners return to the base occupied when the batter put the ball in play
  • Improper batter is removed from the bases
  • Proper batter is ruled out
  • The batter next in the lineup following the proper batter is the next batter

If Appeal is made after at least one Pitch is made to the next Batter:

  • A pitch to the next batter legalizes the improper batter’s time at-bat
  • All playing action stands

Handling Coaches: Annoying Coaches:

  • Inconsistency, bad attitude
  • Umpires being late for a game is huge for coaches
  • The way you act between innings. Plate: count warm ups, Keep the Game Moving. Bases: Go to the outfield beyond the bases and watch warm ups.

    (If you are late it sets a bad tone for the game. You have disrupted routine, warm up and game preliminaries)

  • People pay attention to umpires’ action between innings. Stay professional
  • Talk as little to players as necessary
  • Talk to your partner only if necessary. Have a signal if you need to talk for some reason
  • If you talk to your partner, don’t talk about plays or point to different situations 

More Things that Annoy Coaches:

  • If you do talk to a coach or partner, do not laugh because it sends a message that you are not serious about the game
  • Perception is Reality!
  • Never get together after a half-inning where there was a controversial call. This will send a wrong message
  • Coaches get paranoid when you talk between innings
  • Don’t talk to coaches between innings.
  • Never go into the dugout unless it is absolutely necessary
  • Have ball brought to you, don’t go get them
  • Have water brought to you. It is better to bring your own. If you go in a dugout for water or balls, an argument may ensue
  • Never get into a conversation with fans. Stay away from the stands
  • Be careful – pick your moments to talk and keep the body language minimal

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