Ask The Umpire Rule Two

This section contains questions pertaining to MLB Rule Two – Definition of Terms. It is designed as a self-test to challenge your knowledge. Answers and rulings are given at the end.

1.  Left-handed F1 throws to first base in a pick off attempt. F3 drops his knee to block the base and attempts to tag R1.

    A.  F3 may block part of the bag before possessing the ball as long as he is in the immediate act of receiving the throw

    B.  F3 may block the entire bag before possessing the ball as long as he is in the immediate act of receiving the throw

    C.  F3 may not block any part of the bag until he possesses the ball

    D.  if obstruction is called, R1 is awarded first base

2.  B1 hits a ground ball to F6. The umpire properly moves one to two steps into fair territory to rule on the play. F6’s throw is wild and B1 makes a wide turn and runs into the umpire. B1 falls down. F2, backing up the play, throws to F3 who tags B1

    A.  legal play. B1 is out

    B.  B1 is returned to first because of umpire interference

    C.  B1 is awarded second because that’s where he would have advanced had the umpire not been in the way 

3.  With the bases loaded and one out. B5 hits a ground ball that takes F4 deep into the hole in shallow right field. F4’s only play is at first base where B5 is retired. On the play both R2 and R3 score. The defense then successfully appeals that R2 missed third

    A.  R3’s run scores

    B.  R3’s run does not score

4.  B9 hits a grounder to F6. F6’s throw to F3 bounces and ends up trapped against F3’s body by his arm. F3, who is standing on first base, holds the ball securely in that manner while B9 touches first base. F3 pulls the ball out and shows it to the umpire. F3 never juggled or bobbled the ball.

    A.  B9 is out

    B.  B9 is safe

5.  With a runner on second, B1 singles and R2 tries to score. F2 blocks the plate in anticipation of F8’s throw. When R2 slides into F2, the ball is about a foot from F2’s glove. F2 tags R2 and then throws out B1 at second.

    A.  R2’s out stands

    B.  B1’s out stands

    C.  B1 is awarded second on F2’s obstruction

    D.  the ball is immediately dead after the play at the plate

    E.  R2 is awarded home

6.  With runners on first and second and no one out, B1 hits a towering fly ball which F4, standing in the baseline, settles under. Neither umpire declares an infield fly. F4 allows the ball to drop as both runners attempt to advance. F4 fields the ball, tags R1, and fires to third for the tag on R2. B1 holds safely at first

    A.  only B1 is out

    B.  the play stands

    C.  triple play

    D.  R1 and R2 go to first and second, respectively

7.  With two strikes on the batter which of the following tipped balls results in an out

    A.  a ball that hits the dirt before it is tipped and is caught by the catcher

    B.  a ball that hits the dirt after it is tipped and is caught by the catcher

    C.  a ball that goes from the bat to the catcher’s mask and is then caught by the catcher

    D.  a ball that goes directly to the catcher’s glove is deflected into the air and caught by the pitcher

8.  Runners are on second and third and the infielders are playing at the edge of the grass when B1 hits a sharp line drive up the middle. F1 cannot reach the ball, but F6 moves to his left to make a play. Before he can reach the ball, F6 collides with the base umpire. After the collision, F6 knocks the ball down but makes no play. One run scores and runners stop at first and third.

    A.  that’s umpire interference

    B.  the play stands

    C.  B1 is awarded first base

    D.  R2 is awarded third base

    E.  R2 must return to second base

    F.  R3’s run counts

    G.  R3 must return to third base

9.  Runners on first and third with two outs. B1 hits a ground ball to F4 near the bag. F4 fields the ball and instead of tagging the base, waits for R1 and tags him before R1 reaches second. R3 scores

    A.  R3 scores

    B.  R3 cannot score because of the force play

    C.  R3 scores only if he touches home before R1 is out

  10.  Leading off the inning with a 1-1 count, B1 hits a pop up in front of the offensive team’s dugout. F3 is camped under the ball when a substitute from the dugout yells “fence!” F3 looks to his left and then loses track of the ball, which falls to the ground

    A.  that is interference. B1 is out

    B.  that is not interference. B1 returns to bat with a 1-2 count

    C.  the substitute who yelled is ejected

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