Missing a Base

 I had a play in an NCAA game. In one half of an inning an appeal was made at first that a player did not touch base. I didn’t know. He may not have, I didn’t see it. I had an argument. I said I did not see it. I had a mental conference with myself and thought I need to look for that. I don’t want to miss it. The next half inning I was looking at a runner who missed first base. I plainly saw it. An appeal was made and I said OUT! The argument started. I emphatically said I saw it and I did. I was asked why I did not see it all the time. Well I don’t know. I am human. I can’t see everything. The manager had some verbiage toward me personally. He was ejected from the game. What to gain from this? Always look for appealable plays. You can’t always see everything but when you do, call it. We talked earlier about not evening up. I may have been able to even up but I was honest first. Be honest and you will be respected.

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