Baseball Rule Nine

Baseball Rule Nine will explain the responsibilities of the baseball umpire. It explains the Umpire’s role in controlling the game according to the rules. It also includes how he conducts himself on the baseball diamond.

9.01  (a) In umpiring baseball is usually worked by a two-man baseball umpire crew or team during the regular season. Two baseball umpires are usually standard. (there may be times when you work a ballgame by yourself) In amateur leagues, usually in playoff games, the league president, etc. may designate more than two baseball arbiters to work games. This gives a game more coverage as a two-man crew cannot see everything.

NOTE: Go to Baseball Umpiring Positioning. It explains working in a two-man to a four-man umpire crew.

It is the baseball official’s responsibility to conduct himself in accordance to the rules. In professional baseball there is a crew chief who could position himself in any umpire position. He is called the umpire-in-chief. In amateur baseball the plate umpire is the umpire-in-chief.


(b) This section of Baseball Umpire Rule Nine is administered the same in the amateur ballgame as in the pro game. It is the umps responsibility to enforce the rules as baseball umpires are the representatives of the leagues they officiate. The baseball umpire has the authority to make sure to administer the game according to the rule of baseball. He also has authority to make sure that participants refrain from affecting that administration.


(c) This baseball rule is called “THE ELASTIC CLAUSE”.

An umpire can act on anything that is not specified in the Baseball Rule Book.


(d) A baseball umpire can eject any coach, player, manager or substitute for the following:

    1.  Objection to an umpire’s’ decision

    2.  Unsportsmanlike conduct or language

    3.  Ejected participant must leave the playing field


NOTE:  During a play if a participant is ejected, it takes effect after the play is completed.

(e) Non-playing or participating ejections

    1. Person whose duties allow him or her on the field

        *  Ground Crew

        *  Ushers

        *  Photographers

        *  Newsmen or Women

        *  Broadcasters

    2. Any spectator or anyone who is not permitted to be on the baseball diamond.

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